The many benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

“Apple Cider Vinegar can have miraculous positive effects on your body” Kevin Trudeau

“Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the healthiest things you can take for maintaining good health, take it on a daily basis and you will be reaping the benefits of this amazing elixir!” Shae Harper

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most beneficial health foods that I have come across is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  ACV has many benefits, and I bet as you read you will find quite a few that will help you!  From losing weight to  lowering  bad cholesterol, ACV does wonders for our bodies.  If you decide to start drinking ACV or if you already are, it is VITAL that you are consuming ORGANIC pure raw unfiltered with The “Mother”.  The type of ACV you typically find in a grocery store will not suffice and will not provide benefits I speak of.  Why? Ordinary vinegar, such as the kind you find in the grocery store, has been filtered and pasteurized, which equates to a halt in the activity of the acetobacter bacteria.  Ordinary vinegar that you find on most grocery store shelves has had the “mother” and the sediments that are healthy for you removed.  The organic ACV with the “mother” left in is much more nutritious for our bodies.  The Fermentation that takes place creates important enzymes and acids that are vital to the process of healing and weight loss.

The recommended daily serving is 2 teaspoons three times a day. It can be mixed with water or juice.  I personally like it with grapefruit juice and orange juice 😊

The pictures above list many of the benefits that ACV provides.  I am going to go through some of these and summarize how ACV helps.

WEIGHT LOSS:  Stops cravings, breaks down fats, helps to make you feel fuller, balances blood sugar, provides high levels of potassium which aids in weight loss because it is important for metabolism.

HIGH CHOLESTEROL: Increases HDL (the good cholesterol) and reduces triglyceride levels

CANCER: Studies show that ACV slows the growth and/or kills cancer cells.  Pectin, which is found in ACV, has been proven to slow down the growth of cancer cells in the prostate.

PROSTATE: ACV helps to detoxify and cleanse the colon and digestive tract (good for the prostate).

DIABETES:  Lowers glucose levels (this being the most researched as far as benefits of ACV)

HAIR: Gets rid of dandruff, adds shine and body, thickens hair, clears clogged hair follicles, stimulates hair growth

ACNE: ACV is loaded with alpha hydroxy acids which help to make fat deposits disappear.  Clears clogged pores.  ACV regulates skins pH. When used topically, ACV takes down swelling and dries out acne.

There are so many great benefits from drinking ACV, I hope that you will consider trying it out and discovering a healthier you!!!

Margarine Vs. Butter, why?

Margarine vs. Butter

I am sure by now you have heard that butter is better for you than margarine.  But you may be wondering why.  Margarine has been around for a long time and it seems that everyone has margarine in their fridge.  Yes, at one point in time many people thought margarine was a healthy choice. NOT.  Margarine is made up of 100 percent hydrogenated oil! GROSS! It even sounds disgusting.  Who wants to spread oil on their toast?   Hydrogenated oil is a trans-fat. Trans fats are deadly because they cause severe damage to your arteries.  You may ask what is a trans fat?  A trans fat equates to liquid oils being turned into solid fats.

Besides clogging your arteries, here are some of the other dangers about margarine you may not know: Margarine has bleach; hydrogenated vegetable oil is grey so it is bleached to make it white and then yellow coloring is added to make it look pretty to the consumer.  Free Radicals: which cause cancer, heart disease, and a vast amount of other health problems. Industrial chemicals, hexane (solvent, cleaning agent), solvents, preservatives, emulsifiers, Mono glycerides, di glycerides, soy protein isolate (which causes many health problems including thyroid dysfunction and disorders of the digestive system), and sterols (estrogen compounds).  Yep all of that is in margarine! Now why would anyone want to give that to their loved ones?

Why butter is better

Butter is made of cream, PERIOD. There are no other ingredients needed!

Benefits of butter you may not know:  Rich source of Vitamin A, vitmains D, E, and K2, minerals (including selenium which is a powerful antioxidant), CLA (as long as the milk that is used to make the butter comes from cows that eat green grass) which protects you from cancer, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, good source of iodine which aids in thyroid health, digestion, asthma (the saturated fats in butter help lung function) and helps with fertility (there are a numerous amount of nutrients in butter that aid in fertility and reproduction)

Now for all of you who are complaining that butter doesn’t stay soft enough and is a hassle.  Get a butter crock! These lil crocks are the best. You put butter in the crock turn it upside down and it sits in water which creates an airtight seal and keeps the butter soft, at room temperature, and fresh. It doesn’t spoil in the crock; my family has used one for a few years now. 

Hope you liked this tidbit of info.  I want to present information in an easy to read format which gets the important info to you, but is a quick read. I know how busy everyone seems to be, but the time you take to give your family the best advantages to the best health is priceless and worth the bit of time it takes to read the info and utilize it in your home.

Do you use nonstick cookware?



Nonstick cookware, everyone loves this type, easy to use and that delicious omelet you cooked up just slides right out of the pan. That omelet slides right out of the pan along with some horrific toxins that now enter your body! The problem with nonstick cookware is that they release chemicals as the pan gets hotter, including 6 toxic gases and ultimately the coating on the cookware turns to PFIB which was used in World War 2 as a chemical warfare agent! Wow and to think you swallow that with your delicious omelet! Another toxic chemical that is released is perfluorooctanoate or what is known as PFOA. PFOA causes developmental and reproductive harm and studies on animals have shown that it causes tumors, immune system damage, infertility, problems with thyroid hormones, and birth defects.

VERY Interesting fact: If you have a bird in the house within feet of a heated nonstick pan, the bird would die from the toxic fumes that are being released from the pan ( Trudeau, 2004). We used to keep our parrot in the kitchen area at our house when I was a child, so if you said, “Who would have a bird by their kitchen?” It happens :)

I hope you enjoyed that tidbit of info and most of all I hope you take that info and throw out those pans and buy cast iron (very healthy for you and your family, gives you the iron your body needs) or another safe from of cookware :)